Sartorial & Art It is a collaborative project between the firm Harper & whatr and a selection of malagueñas artists and cultural institutions.

Through this editorial work, tailoring the distinctive signature merges, with new creations of emerging contemporary artists. This instinctive binding to the signature between art, culture and fashion, It is based on the support of great artistic and cultural growth experienced by the city of Malaga, and recognition to artists and institutions that make it possible with his effort and talent. On the other hand, as shown in the collection Autumn Winter 2017, we miss no opportunity to enrich us with new ideas and creations of our artists and We continue to inspire us in the magnificent creative environment around us and naturally adapts to our values.

Anais Angulo Delgado:

Through this project, I raise a sculptural installation that unfolds in the home studio Sostoa. "The ruins of Picacho" is a delicate intervention on objects recovered Street, building an archaeological fiction, by which I simulated the systematic accumulation of residues of previous artistic works, They would be found in various states of restoration, cleaning and cataloging, delving into an interesting reading Sostoa House as a place of culture and art of interpretation. In this collaboration, introduce the human figure in the exhibition space, forcing the relationship between the human body and the space occupied by art objects.


Textured blue linen blazer, cotton pants and contrast. Harmony style.

House Sostoa library holds thousands of pages of artistic knowledge classified by color ranges.

Innovation in color ink blue suit fabric.

Delia Boyano:

In my work it has always been the relationship between food and clothing. I find both at the same time symbol and ornament. I choose the video that inspired these photographs to talk about that time that elapses, It collapses and paralyzes between a body and an object.

A combination of risk, lino, Technical fabric and box.

The art pieces are constant elements in the home of Delia Boyano, where they have an extensive art collection.

Paloma de la Cruz:

Fall (fall in desire) installative and is a specific project for space Sostoa House. By installing ceramic pieces in black and red colors, It represents one of the most intimate spaces of a house, because these pieces allude to a type of lingerie more linked to the sensual, to suit the characteristics of the space involved and produce its own dark and morbid atmosphere of erotic encounter in the room. In this collaboration, the model is integrated into the moment of intimacy and pleasure generated a dialogue between the fall, evolution, parts, and garments of the same.

The "sprezzatura" design takes shape, quality and color and the complement is essential to convey character.


Music and fashion together transgress codes in this evocative fusion of opposites and transmute stereotypes assumed by the identity. Synthesis of opposites emerges a different order and genuine.

FCO. Javier Valverde:

Walks in the park have ended up being the main driver of my project, and a tour of the surface of each box: I like to understand as a translation of time the physical path through the park while Glide look at the extent of paint on the canvas. In this collaborative project painting does not appear, but leaves room for the scenery found in this park, who are the real stars of my rides.

Fabrics with perfect cutting torque and refined. A three-piece conveys enough charisma to be the bulwark of our collection.