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Integration of the trustbadge distinctive of Trusthed Shops

The Trustbadge of Trusthed Shops is integrated on this website to show its quality seal and the compiled assessments, as well as to offer Trusted Shops products to buyers after placing an order.

This is necessary for the satisfaction of our legitimate interests by marketing our offer and to guarantee the safety of a purchase, comform to article 6 Párrago F of the GDPR. The Tustbadge, and the services announced with it, are part of the Trusted Shops GmbH offer, Subbelrath Str. 15c, Colonia C.P. 50823, Germany. A network supplier distribution (CDN) provides the Trustbadge, as part of the order processing.

Trusted Shops GmbH uses US services suppliers. An adequate level of data protection is guaranteed. You can find more information about the data security of Trusted Shops GmbH here:

Every time the Trustbadge is consulted, the web server automatically keeps a server registration file, which contains the IP address, the date and time of the visit, the amount of data transmitted and the applicant provider (access data), while registering the visit. Individual access data is stored in a security database for the analysis of security problems. Registration files are deleted automatically, no later than 90 days after their creation.

Additional personal data will be transferred to Trusted Shops GmbH, to the extent that, once an order is formalized, you have opted for the use of Trusted Shops products or you have already registered to enjoy its use. In this case, the contractual agreement established between you and Trusted Shops will be applied. To this end, personal data is automatically collected from order data. Regardless of whether or not to be registered as a Trusted Shops customer, the client is registered by a neutral parameter, the email address encrypted by a unidirectional encryption function. The email address becomes this hash value, which Trusted Shops cannot decipher before transmission. After checking a coincidence, the parameter is automatically eliminated.

This is necessary for the fulfillment of our legitimate interests and those of Trusted Shops in the provision of buyer protection linked to the specific order and transactional review services in accordance with article 6 paragraph F of the GDPR. You can find more details, including the right to present an objection, in the Privacy Policy of Trusted Shops previously linked and within the Trustbadge.


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